TODAY: Rally at the Broadway Bridge for Add the Words

Come to the Broadway Bridge (Key Bank end) at noon today for a rally to support the Add the Words Capital protestors. At 12:04 pm, we will line the sidewalk on the south side of the bridge, facing west, and covering our mouths with our hands in silence.


Protesters Arrested in Idaho Capital Building

Police in Boise today arrested 43 people for blocking the entrance to the Idaho Senate in the Idaho Capital Building. The protesters were asking that words be added to the Idaho Human Rights Act protecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people from discrimination. Among those arrested were former Idaho legislator Nicole LeFavour. Read the full AP article here.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today is Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to remember those murdered around the world because they did not fit into perceived gender norms.

Remember them, they died for who they were.

Remember them, they died because they did not fit in.

Remember them, for they are the persecuted and the lonely, and they died alone.

Remember them, and remember they were murdered, for often they are not remembered as victims.

Remember them.

Trangender Day of Remembrance — GLAAD

Working for Marriage Equality

English: Venn diagram depicting the relationsh...

English: Venn diagram depicting the relationships between assigned sex and sexual orientation. Androphilia and gynephilia are preferred terms for some populations, because homosexual and heterosexual assign a sex to the person being described. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a sad fact of life in the United States that marriage is not equally available to all people. Its availability is dependent on sexual orientation and place of residence — not a good situation in the land of the free.

If you are committed to changing this sad state of affairs, and making marriage available to all adults, regardless of sexual orientation, and you’re not sure where to start, then visit the Standing on the Side of Love Take Action for Marriage Equality page. They have set up a great website to help everyone get started working for marriage equality.

PFLAG in Idaho Falls turns 20

The Idaho Falls PFLAG chapter turns 20 this month! They held a party to celebrate. I was unable to attend, but I hope it was fabulous. Happy Birthday, Idaho Falls PFLAG! Here’s to another successful 20 years!

Back from Summer Hiatus

Good news! The UUCIF Social Justice blog is back from its unplanned summer hiatus. I’m sorry I wasn’t posting regularly, I got overwhelmed with some other stuff going on this summer (including an overflowing inbox in the email account that sends me my justice news).

Anyway, onto the social justice news:

Breaking News:

Correction: There will be a delay of a week while motions are filed with the appeals court. If the court does not take it up, gay marriage will resume. The judge in the Proposition 8 case in California has decided not to approve a stay of his motion while appeals are heard, so gay marriage is legal again in California!


UUA President Peter Morales was arrested, along with 28 other UUs, on July 29th in Phoenix for civil disobedience in conjunction with the Day of Non-Compliance with Arizona’s new immigration laws. Learn more at

College students brought to this country illegally as children often face deportation. The DREAM Act would change that, but first it has to pass Congress. Learn more and sign the petition at Citizen Orange. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram had an excellent editorial on the subject.

Mountain-Top Removal:

Appalachia Rising, September 25-27, 2010, in Washington, DC: People from Appalachia and from across America will join together in Washington, DC, in an effort to ban mountain-top removal mining. Learn more at the Appalachia Rising website.

Prom in Mississippi Canceled due to Homophobia

The administration and school board of Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi, have canceled the prom to prevent a lesbian student from attending the prom with her girlfriend, also a student at that high school. At first, the administration just wanted to prevent the two girls from attending, but faced with the threat of a lawsuit from the American Civil Liberties Union, they decided to cancel prom. Read more and sign a petition to the school board at

Online Petition to Obama about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

From Standing on the Side of Love:

A petition to Obama to ask him to repeal the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the American military. Click here to sign!

From the email I received, by Captain Joan Darrah, Navy, Retired, from Standing on the Side of Love:

As a retired Navy Captain and lesbian American, I know from firsthand experience that “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is blatant employment discrimination.

On September 11, 2001, I left a meeting at the Pentagon just minutes before Flight #77 hit and seven of my co-workers were killed. My partner, Lynne, would have been one of the last to know if something had happened to me that day. My livelihood depended on my pretending our relationship didn’t exist – there was no possible way she could have been listed as my emergency contact.

That just made me so sad for her, that she would be required to maintain such secrecy that she could not even list her partner as an emergency contact. I have, without a second thought, occasionally filled out forms listing a female friend as an emergency contact instead of my husband. (When I was pregnant with both my children, I put a friend down with my doctor as well as my husband in case he couldn’t be reached. With my second child, I put down the friend who had agreed to watch my first, so she would know to come watch him.) I never thought a thing about it, besides asking my friends if it was okay. I can’t imagine being so afraid of having a relationship suspected, but that is my privilege as a heterosexual, married woman.

Sign the petition so we can take a step towards a world where no one cares who you love and live with.

Welcoming Congregation Meeting Last Night

The Welcoming Congregation workshop last night was very informative. We had a very interesting and educational discussion about gender and sexual orientation. I hope to have handouts from it available under the social justice bulletin board on Sunday.

Protected: Welcoming Congregation Workshop Tomorrow

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